The advantages of one-to-one online lessons

  1. Quick improvement

Definitely whoever takes private English lessons always improve quickly. Since the tutor can exactly focus on your individual learning objectives without being worried about the other students in the class. They can select some materials you need and the lesson plans meet your needs and adapt each session appropriately to make sure you do not get tired.

  1. You cannot hide yourself!

Your tutor can notice each wrong sentence or word you say and correct you at once. You cannot escape from him like group class. He will be wherever your mistakes and errors are.

  1. You can ask questions

You can be shy in general or feel shy or embarrassed to ask questions or you feel that you already know the answer and you should not waste the other students’ time.

Private lesson allows you to feel comfortable to ask questions as many as you want, because you are only one student who pays directly to your teacher.

  1. Choose your own subject

The great thing about private English lessons is that the tutor can focus on subjects, themes and topics which suit you – without worrying about other students getting bored or losing focus. If you enjoy cooking, for instance, the teacher can prepare lessons around preparing menus, throwing dinner parties, eating out, ordering food, eating across the globe, etc. Similarly, if you’re an avid sports fan, lessons can focus on the hobby of your choice.

Moreover, if you’re learning English in London, you may want to focus on local themes such as the theatre, popular tourist sites, how to book a hotel room and more. The options are endless.

  1. Achieve your goal directly

Private English tutors can help you work towards a specific goal. This might simply be to improve your reading and writing skills, or it might be to obtain a professional qualification. Many people looking to work or study in an English-speaking country look to take the International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) examination which is recognised by employers – and private tutors can assist with preparation.

No matter how you decide to progress, the UK College of English offers a wide array of teaching options. From group sessions to personalised one-to-one tuition, you can choose a course to suit your needs. Centrally located in the heart of London, UKCE makes it easy to immerse yourself in British culture and enjoy all the benefits of studying in the capital