How can we meet?

-We can have class online through Skype.

How much does each class cost?

-Each class is $35, but you need to pay whole package which is $350 for 10 classes.

Can I try first class for free?

-Yes, You can try first class to evaluate the class. If you like the class and your teacher you can pay for package.

Can I cancel my class anytime I like?

-You can cancel your class 24 hours earlier.

How many times can I cancel my class?

-Only three times.

How many classes a week do I have class?

-Three times a week

How can I choose the time for my class?

– You can choose anytime you like, but you must have class every other day. For example you can have classes on Monday, Wednesday, but your class time could be different on each day.

Can I pay for only 2 classes? I only need 2 classes.

-Do not waste your money in this way! Nobody learn anything in 2 classes!


How long is each class?

-90 minutes.

Which book do I need? Which material do I need?

– I will give you the material.

How long do I need to practice to be IELTS 7?

-Suppose you are around 4, it takes 4-6 months to get 7 in IELTS. You also need practice 3 hours a day.